The modules in this section provide a variety of mathematical functions.


The array module defines a new object type ArrayType that works almost exactly like other sequence types except that its contents are constrained to a single type. The type of an array is determined at the time of creation, using one of the following typecodes:

Type Code Description C Type Minimum Size (in bytes)
'c' 8-bit character char 1
'b' 8-bit integer signedchar 1
'B' 8-bit unsigned integer unsignedchar 1
'h' 16-bit integer short 2
'H' 16-bit unsigned integer unsignedshort 2
'i' integer int 4 or 8
'I' unsigned integer unsigned int 4 or 8
'l' long integer long 4 or 8
'L' unsigned long integer unsigned long 4 or 8
'f' single-precision float float ...

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