Data is increasingly used for every possible purpose, and many of those purposes elude attention, but every time you get on the Internet, you generate even more. It’s not just you, either; the growth of the Internet has been phenomenal, according to Internet World Stats ( Data science turns this huge amount of data into something useful — something that you use absolutely every day to perform an amazing array of tasks or to obtain services from someone else.

In fact, you’ve probably used data science in ways that you never expected. For example, when you used your favorite search engine this morning to look for something, it made suggestions on alternative search terms. Those terms are supplied by data science. When you went to the doctor last week and discovered the lump you found wasn’t cancer, the doctor likely made her prognosis with the help of data science. In fact, you might work with data science every day and not even know it. Python for Data Science For Dummies, 2nd Edition not only gets you started using data science to perform a wealth of practical tasks but also helps you realize just how many places data science is used. By knowing how to answer data science problems and where to employ data science, you gain a significant advantage over everyone else, increasing your chances at promotion or that new job you really want.

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