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3. Basic Objects and Structures

Valentina Porcu1 
Nuoro, Italy

One of the most important features of Python is managing data structures. Let’s take a look at them.


The numbers in Python can be any of the following:
  • Integers, or int

  • Floating points, or float

  • Complex

  • Booleans—that is, True or False

Let’s look at some examples:
# create an object containing an integer (int)
>>> n1 = 19
>>> type(n1)
<type 'int'>
# a float
>>> n2 = 7.5
>>> type(n2)
<type 'float'>
# a Boolean (True/False)
>>> n3 = True
>>> type(n3)
<type 'bool'>
# a complex number
>>> n4 = 3j
>>> type(n4)
<type 'complex'>

Container Objects

At the heart of Python are the various ...

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