Hi! Welcome to the book. You’re going on a tour of all things Python. If you join me and code along with the projects, you’ll have your basic Python programming wings by the end of the book.

Everything in this book you need to know by doing — typing in the code or, better yet, thinking up the code before reading what I’ve done.

About This Book

This book walks you through all the parts you have to know about Python programming. You get examples. I talk about planning programs. And I help link you with the broader Python community so that you can head out there after mastering the projects in this book.

Conventions Used

Keep these things in mind while you read:

  • Sometimes words are in italics and then I explain the words. Here is an example: “The objects in the list are called elements.” When you see this sentence, you know to keep your eyes peeled for a definition. (Elements are the objects in a list.)
  • Python code is written in a different font from the other text. Sometimes it’s inline with the text and looks like this: print('Hello World!').

  • Sometimes it’s a separate block of text, like this:

    print('Hello World!')

  • Some code blocks have a >>> at the front of some lines. I’m showing you what happens when you’re using an interactive Python prompt. You need to type the code that follows the >>> in this book into the Python console that’s running on your computer to see what happens:

    >>> my_message = "Hello World!"

    >>> print(my_message)

  • The number of spaces at ...

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