Math Trainer

Do you want a chance to be the teacher? This project tests users on their times tables and displays times tables so a user can practice. It keeps score and records how long it took to take the test.


Here’s where you put your class skills to the test and give your brain a workout.

Planning Your Math Trainer

Your math trainer should ask for answers about the times tables (from 1 through 12) and make sure the answer is right.

But does your best friend need help memorizing the tables? The math trainer could print out a times table. Maybe your other BFF knows the smaller numbers already, so the trainer should set a bottom limit (just avoid the 1s, for instance). If you like, you can add a higher upper limit than 12.

Add a score and time how long it takes to take the test. Game on!

Setting Up

Set up your file and put some code in that asks a question and works out whether the answer is correct.

Do the following to get the project up and running:

  1. Create a new file called
  2. Create a module docstring for the file.
  3. Use a hash comment to mark these sections: Imports, Constants, Function, and Testing.

    You know from the silly sentences project that if you put a tuple after a formatting operator %, Python unpacks the tuple into formatting specifiers in the formatting string. That means that "What is %sx%s?"%(4,6) becomes "What is 4x6?". You’re ...

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