Animating the racers

To animate our racers, we're going to use the Canvas.move() method. move() takes an item ID, a number of x pixels, and a number of y pixels, and moves the item by that amount. By using random.randint() and some simple logic, we can generate a series of moves that will send each racer on a meandering path towards the finish line.

A simple implementation may look like this:

def move_racer(self):
    x = randint(0, 100)
    y = randint(-50, 50)
    t = randint(500, 2000)
    self.canvas.after(t, self.canvas.move,, x, y)
    if self.canvas.bbox([0] < self.canvas.right:
        self.canvas.after(t, self.move_racer)

This isn't really what we want, though; the problem is that move() happens instantaneously, causing the bug to jump across ...

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