Python Guide for the Total Beginner LiveLessons (Video Training)

Video description

Python Guide for the Total Beginner LiveLessons is an introduction to programming in Python. Students will learn not only about the basics of programming and how to work with Python, they will delve into advanced concepts, such as object oriented programming, working with database, developing for the web, and creating games.

Katie Cunningham is a Python developer and author of Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours. She's a frequent teacher, not only at conferences, but at events geared towards improving diversity in the open source arena and increasing the number of children exposed to programming.

The lessons are split into six parts. In the first, Python is installed, the student is introduced to their development environment, and some programming basics are introduced. In the second lesson, students are introduced to object oriented design, and are taught how to make custom data types in Python. In the third lesson, program design and documentation are discussed, and in the fourth, students learn about various ways to deal with data. The fifth lesson introduces the student to web and game development, and the sixth lesson talks about the proper way to save code, how to fix bugs, and what the student can do now that they've learned the basics of Python. The final lesson is two case studies, where the code behind two fully-functioning programs is reviewed.

About the Author:

Katie Cunningham is a fervent advocate for Python, Open Source Software, and teaching more people how to program. She is a Python and Django Developer at Cox Media Group Digital & Strategy Team. Previously she worked at NASA as a Python developer. Katie lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two children.

Table of contents

  1. Python Guide for the Total Beginner: Introduction
    1. Python Guide for the Total Beginner: Introduction 00:01:26
  2. Lesson 1: The Basics of Python
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:25
    2. 1.1 Install Python and a text editor 00:02:52
    3. 1.2 Store numbers in variables 00:08:24
    4. 1.3 Use logic to compare content 00:07:39
    5. 1.4 Store text in strings 00:07:19
    6. 1.5 Process input and output 00:07:54
    7. 1.6 Group items in lists 00:07:56
    8. 1.7 Use loops to repeat code 00:11:18
  3. Lesson 2: Advanced Concepts
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:20
    2. 2.1 Repeat actions with functions 00:10:09
    3. 2.2 Pair up data with dictionaries 00:06:57
    4. 2.3 Plan complex objects 00:04:26
    5. 2.4 Make simple classes 00:08:10
    6. 2.5 Expand classes to add functionality 00:09:20
  4. Lesson 3: Designing and Extending Python
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:29
    2. 3.1 Add functionality with Python modules 00:07:19
    3. 3.2 Split up a program 00:05:28
    4. 3.3 Create documentation 00:06:27
  5. Lesson 4: Working with Data
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:23
    2. 4.1 Manage a program’s files 00:08:16
    3. 4.2 Share data with JSON 00:06:54
    4. 4.3 Store data in databases 00:08:36
    5. 4.4 Use advanced queries in databases 00:07:36
  6. Lesson 5: Making Applications
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:25
    2. 5.1 Develop for the web with Flask 00:21:13
    3. 5.2 Make desktop applications with PyGame 00:21:00
  7. Lesson 6: Beyond the Code
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:31
    2. 6.1 Save your code the right way 00:09:06
    3. 6.2 Fix problem code 00:06:21
    4. 6.3 Learn more about Python 00:07:13
  8. Lesson 7: Case Studies
    1. Learning objectives 00:00:26
    2. 7.1 The classroom manager 00:16:10
    3. 7.2 Making a card game: 21 00:20:44
  9. Summary
    1. Summary of Python Guide for the Total Beginner LiveLessons 00:01:02

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  • Title: Python Guide for the Total Beginner LiveLessons (Video Training)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 0133359123