Putting It All Together: The Address Book Example

In Chapter 4, we used an address book application to demonstrate the if, for, and while statements. We're bringing it back to review the concepts we've learned so far.

name = "   "
while (name != ""):
       name = raw_input("Enter in the name: ")
       if (name == ""):
       elif (name == "quit"):
       phone_number = raw_input("Enter in the phone number: ")
       address_line1 = raw_input("Enter address line one: ")
       if (address_line1 == ""):
       address_line2 = raw_input("Enter address line two: ")
       address_line3 = raw_input("Enter address line three: ")
       #do something useful with the addresses
       print("send the email to Rick")


The first ...

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