Binary Streams: InputStream and OutputStream

InputStream is the analog of Reader; OutputStream is the analog of Writer. Their methods are listed here.


  • read(byte_sequence)— reads a sequence of bytes and returns the actual bytes read

  • read(byte_sequence, off, len)— same as above but allows you to set the slice for the sequence; returns the number of actual bytes read

  • read()— reads one byte of data from the input stream

  • skip(n)— skips to a given offset in the file

  • close()— closes the stream

  • reset()— moves the file pointer to the marked position

  • mark(iReadlimit)— marks the file pointer

  • available()— returns the number of bytes available that can be read without blocking (similar to the Reader class's ready() method)


  • close()

  • flush() ...

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