Implementation of DQN

This chapter will show you how to implement all the components, for example, Q-network, replay memory, trainer, and Q-learning optimizer, of the deep Q-learning algorithm with Python and TensorFlow.

We will  implement the QNetwork class for the Q-network that we discussed in the previous chapter, which is defined as follows:

class QNetwork:        def __init__(self, input_shape=(84, 84, 4), n_outputs=4,                  network_type='cnn', scope='q_network'):                self.width = input_shape[0]        self.height = input_shape[1] = input_shape[2]        self.n_outputs = n_outputs        self.network_type = network_type        self.scope = scope                # Frame images        self.x = tf.placeholder(dtype=tf.float32,                                 shape=(None,,                                        self.width, self.height)) # Estimates ...

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