Creating a box plot chart for a simple data set

Box plot charts, or box and whisker charts, are often used for displaying statistical mean and quartile information.

This can be useful for seeing how a value ranges across categories by visualizing the median, the twenty-fifth and seventy-fifth percentile, and the outlying values.

With a simple data set, it is easier to create the chart manually than using the wizard that QlikView provides—although there is a slightly strange sequence of actions to go through a "funny"—that you need to know about.

Getting ready

Load the following script:

    Country, Value
    USA, 12
    USA, 14.5
    USA, 6.6
    USA, 4.5
    USA, 7.8
    USA, 9.4
    UK, 11.3
    UK, 10.1
    UK, 3.2
    UK, 5.6
    UK, 3.9
    UK, 6.9

How to do it…

There is a "funny" ...

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