QR Codes For Dummies, Portable Edition

Book description

Find out how to effectively create, use, and track QR codes

QR (Quick Response) codes are popping up everywhere, and businesses are reaping the rewards. Get in on the action with the no-nonsense advice in this streamlined, portable guide. You'll find out how to get started, plan your strategy, and actually create the codes. Then you'll learn to link codes to mobile-friendly content, track your results, and develop ways to give your customers value that will keep them coming back. It's all presented in the straightforward style you've come to know and love, with a dash of humor thrown in.

  • Businesses large and small are using QR codes to share product information, coupons and special offers, and to process payments from customers' smartphones

  • This small guide is packed with the information you need to start using QR codes with your business

  • Covers what QR codes are and how to get started, plan a QR code campaign, create the codes, and link them to mobile-friendly content

  • Explains code management systems and how to track your results, ways to deliver genuine value to your users, and how to plan for the future

  • Includes ten cool campaign ideas

QR Codes For Dummies, Portable Edition helps you take advantage of this hot trend with practical knowledge you can use right away.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. Icons Used in This Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  5. Chapter 1: Understanding QR Codes
    1. Introducing QR Codes
    2. Comparing QR Codes to Traditional Barcodes
    3. Bridging the Offline World with Online Content
    4. Making the Business Case for QR Codes
    5. Looking at Who’s Using QR Codes Today, Tomorrow
  6. Chapter 2: Reading a QR Code
    1. Picking a Reader for Your Phone
    2. Scanning a QR Code: The Simple How-to
    3. Troubleshooting QR Code Reader Failures
    4. Saving a QR Code for Later Use
  7. Chapter 3: Creating a QR Code
    1. Choosing a QR Code Generator
    2. Getting Help Making Your QR Code
    3. Testing Your QR Code
    4. Adding Bling to Your QR Code
    5. Preparing Your QR Code for the Real World
  8. Chapter 4: Linking Your QR Code to Mobile-Friendly Content
    1. Adapting Content for the Third Screen
    2. Giving Mobile Viewers What They Want, Expect
  9. Chapter 5: Making Sure Your QR Code Is Scanned
    1. Spreading the Word on Your QR Code
    2. Making It Easy for People to Scan Your QR Code
    3. Adding Value with QR Codes
  10. Chapter 6: Measuring Your Success with a Code-Management System
    1. Understanding Why You Should Track QR Codes
    2. Choosing a Tracking System
    3. Making Sense of the Data
  11. Chapter 7: Exploring Possible Uses for QR Codes
    1. Using QR Codes for Education
    2. Using QR Codes for Fundraising
    3. Using QR Codes for Your Career
    4. Using QR Codes for Fun and Adventure
  12. Chapter 8: Mitigating the Risks and Shortcomings of QR Codes
    1. Eyeing the Risks That QR Codes Pose to Security and Privacy
    2. Taking Precautions
    3. Addressing Common Complaints about QR Codes
  13. Chapter 9: Embracing a Readable Future
    1. Exploring Alternatives to QR Codes
    2. Accepting What Won’t Change
  14. Chapter 10: Ten Practical Uses for QR Codes
    1. Showing the Behind-the-Scenes Process
    2. Delivering Real-Time Information
    3. Getting Customer Feedback
    4. Selling Your Products or Services
    5. Generating Leads
    6. Making an Impression
    7. Going Paperless
    8. Replacing SMS Text with QR Codes
    9. Delivering Customer Service
    10. Preserving Your Memory

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  • Title: QR Codes For Dummies, Portable Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2012
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118337035