Chapter 8

Mitigating the Risks and Shortcomings of QR Codes

In This Chapter

arrow Evaluating the danger that QR Codes pose to security and privacy

arrow Minimizing the risks of QR Codes

arrow Rebutting criticisms of QR Codes

There isn’t a thing in this world that doesn’t have some amount of risk, and QR Codes are no exception. Although QR Codes are great ways to link people to additional information you want to share about yourself and your business, they can be used in malicious ways.

In this chapter, I explain how cybercriminals are beginning to use QR Codes to manipulate people and steal their private information and money. Second, I show you how to protect yourself from these risks. Finally, I address how to rebut some of the common concerns over QR Codes so your plans to use them aren’t stalled before you get started.

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