Picking a Reader for Your Phone

Some smartphones come with a QR Code reader installed on the device. Others require that you download one. A QR Code reader decodes the squares within a QR Code and redirects your phone to an online destination chosen by the code creator.

The most common first question I get is, “Can I read a QR Code with my phone?” It’s an excellent first step. Or you may be hearing more jeers than cheers from bystanders who know you can’t read a QR Code with an old flip phone. The following sections help you figure out if your phone is compatible and what readers are available.

Determining if you own a smartphone

Can you even scan a QR Code with your current phone? Do you own what’s called a smartphone, as shown in Figure 2-1, or do you own the popular but quickly disappearing, feature phone? Here are a few tips to discover if your mobile device or phone is a “smart one” and can read a QR Code.


Figure 2-1: A smartphone looks and acts more like a small computer.

check.png Is your phone a lot like a computer? Smartphones tend to look and operate more like a minicomputer than a phone. If your device looks more like a phone, it’s probably just that.

check.png Can you access the web on your ...

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