Choosing a QR Code Generator

You can easily find a QR Code generator online or in your device’s app store. Many of the readers I recommend in Chapter 2 are also generators. The following sections outline some important features you want in a generator and explain the different ins and outs between online and mobile generators.

Eyeing important features

Regardless of whether you’re creating a QR Code online or with a mobile app, consider these features when choosing a free or paid generator:

check.png It creates a QR Code in a minute or less. The goal is to have you use QR Codes in several different ways, but you can’t if you can’t create one on the fly. The generator you use, regardless of all the extra features it comes with, should allow you to create a QR Code in under a minute.

check.png It produces a QR Code in a standard size. Some generators, especially those found online, generate larger QR Codes when long URLs are inputted. But large, unwieldy QR Codes aren’t practical or attractive. Stick with those generators that produce a standard-size QR Code with the option of making it smaller or bigger based on your needs, not on the size of your URL.

Tip.eps In general, use shortened URLs with your QR Code. ...

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