Making It Easy for People to Scan Your QR Code

A key part in getting someone to do anything is not giving him or her an excuse to say no. If you pitch a potential client and he’s really interested, but you never call him back or return his messages, you’re just giving the prospect an excuse to say no and buy from someone else.

The same applies to QR Codes. You have to make scanning and using QR Codes just as easy as possible. This is especially true given that a study in 2011 reported that three of ten consumers don’t understand QR Codes. You and I have our work cut out for us.

The following sections give some of the reasons why people may say no to QR Codes and what you can do to turn that no into a yes.

They don’t know what that funny-looking, black-and- white square is

People are asking what that funny-looking, black-and-white square is a lot because they’re seeing them everywhere, usually with little or no explanation of what to do with them. Here’s how you can introduce QR Codes to people who aren’t familiar with them:

check.png Share some details. Include text near the code that tells people (as shown in Figure 5-3) what the QR Code can deliver when they scan it. Here’s an example of the text that might accompany a QR Code in your marketing materials: “For our weekly specials, visit our website or scan this QR Code with your mobile device.”

People are more likely to try QR codes ...

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