Getting Customer Feedback

QR Codes are a great way to gather timely customer feedback. Instead of having customers fill out a paper form and assigning an employee to enter the information into a computer database — or asking customers to fill out a survey on their home computer — you can use a QR Code.

To get feedback from diners, my local Italian restaurant includes a QR Code on the receipt that links to a mobile page where diners can enter a personalized code (see Figure 10-1a).


Figure 10-1: Scanning the QR Code takes you to a mobile page where you can review your dining experience. (a) One QR Code links the diner to the survey, then a contest, and finally to social media sites. (b)

After completing the survey, you’re encouraged to enter a monthly drawing for a $100 gift card. This is smart because now the restaurant is trying to capture your e-mail address as well. I also like the fact that they give you the chance to link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts (see Figure 10-1b).

Another industry where QR Codes are needed for prompt customer feedback is healthcare. Hospitals can use QR Codes to get feedback from patients, instead of distributing the hard copy surveys that sometimes take weeks to get back.

A group of healthcare administration graduate students at Penn State University envision placards in waiting rooms and inpatient and outpatient areas that ask patients and ...

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