Making Sense of the Data

You have used either a QR Code generator or URL shortener. You collect some data from your tracking efforts and wonder, “What do I do with it now? How do I make sense of this info to improve my QR Code campaigns?” This section is for you. Take a look at the types of analytics that QR Code–management systems deliver and how to best use them:

check.png Total visits: This metric shows you the total number of scans of your QR Code. It’s the basis for determining the success of your QR Code. The more scans you have means the more visitors to your chosen destination, which means the better chance the user will take the action you intended (for example, learning more about your company, buying a product, watching a video, or booking a time for a service).

check.png Daily visits: Analyze daily visits in context and uncover what’s really driving them and how you can expand on the success. Was your QR Code scanned on weekends, or weekdays, or only one specific day? Be open minded in your analysis. Consumers may be scanning more QR Codes on the days when your best staff is showing them how.

check.png Country and city: Are you wondering in what countries and cities your QR Code is scanned? Tracking ...

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