Using QR Codes for Fundraising

I’m really excited about the potential for QR Code use for causes, especially for fundraising. I have a special interest in the area, because I’ve spent my adult life working for nonprofits and raising money. I used QR Codes before they became hot and trendy, so I’ve been sold on the value of them for some time. Here’s my take on the benefits of QR Codes for causes and my particular area of nonprofit work, cause marketing.

Tip.eps Cause marketing isn’t just the marketing of causes. I define it as the partnership of a nonprofit and for-profit for mutual profit. To discover more, you can check out my other book, Cause Marketing For Dummies, or visit my blog at www.selfish .

check.png Tell your story. Nonprofits can tell their stories in several different ways with QR Codes. They can link to pictures, video, testimonials, and so on that can better share the nonprofit’s mission with key stakeholders.

check.png Make a donation. QR Codes can link donors to a donation page where they can support your cause.

Tip.eps Most QR Code generators, including and, which ...

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