Accepting What Won’t Change

No one really knows what will become of QR Codes in the long run, but we can be fairly certain of a few things that will drive QR Code use and development.

check.png The mobile screen will be the most dominant screen in history. Just as I began to write this section today, a study done by Chitika showed that web traffic for Apple’s mobile operating system, called iOS, surpassed web traffic on Apple’s laptop and desktop operating system, OS X. People prefer to use their mobile devices for just about everything.

check.png Just about everyone will own a phone. Mobile phone sales are expected to hit a billion units in 2015. That means one out of every seven people on the planet will own a smartphone. Just last year, 250 million Android phones sold, or eight phones per second!

check.png Other devices are evolving into smartphones. Take cameras, which have boasted their own array of technological improvements during the past few years. The camera that comes on many mobile devices is so darn convenient that camera makers have responded with cameras that look and act more like smartphones.


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