Replacing SMS Text with QR Codes

If you haven’t done an SMS text campaign before, I bet you’ve seen one, perhaps at a store or in an ad you’ve seen. An advertisement might say something like this: “Get exclusive monthly discounts; text SHOP to 55555.” (In the example, SHOP is called the keyword, and the five-digit number is called the short code.)

When a user does this, he’s added to a database from which you can send him future text messages.

SMS text is popular with marketers, but QR Codes may be a better alternative. Here are some advantages that the QR Codes have over SMS text campaigns:

check.png Scanning a QR Code is easier than sending a text. QR Codes involve no typing, just button pressing and scanning.

check.png QR Codes can directly link to rich media, whereas SMS text gives you a link that you have to click to access content.

check.png QR Codes have a newness factor that SMS text doesn’t. It’s new, easy, and cool — just the things consumers like.

check.png QR Codes are visual and more attractive and enticing to consumers than a keyword and short code. QR Codes can also be customized with color or artwork.

QR ...

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