Chapter 1

They Don't Work


They Missed a Step

Figure Credit: Thanks for sharing @HaleyCertified; used with permission.


I don't know where this QR code takes me when scanned. I wish I did. I tried to follow the “three easy steps,” but I feel like one important step is missing.

Step 0.5: Don't put QR code behind giant bar.

The code is unscannable. It's taking up valuable space, looking fancy and modern, and doing absolutely nothing.

This is my main issue with QR codes and so many of the things we try in business—they just don't work.

We need to be thinking about functionality for our customers.

Did you know that 50 percent of people who scan a QR code would never scan one again? You know why? Because it didn't work. It didn't bring value. It made people jump through an unnecessary and all-too-often nonfunctioning hoop.

Stop it.



Captchas. Making it impossible to log in since 1997.

Not Working


Kinda like most QR codes, this guy doesn't work either.

When I worked in human resources, I would put ads in the paper for positions requiring three to five years' experience.

Why three ...

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