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Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation, 4th Edition

Book Description

The bestselling guide to qualitative research, updated and expanded

Qualitative Research is the essential guide to understanding, designing, conducting, and presenting a qualitative research study. This fourth edition features new material covering mixed methods, action research, arts-based research, online data sources, and the latest in data analysis, including data analysis software packages as well as narrative and poetic analysis strategies. A new section offers multiple ways of presenting qualitative research findings. The reader-friendly, jargon-free style makes this book accessible to both novice and experienced researchers, emphasizing the role of a theoretical framework in designing a study while providing practical guidance.

Qualitative research reaches beyond the what, where, and when of quantitative analysis to investigate the why and how behind human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior, but this presents a number of significant challenges. This guide is an invaluable reference for students and practitioners alike, providing the deep understanding that this sometimes difficult area of research requires to produce accurate results. The book contains a step-by-step guide to analyzing qualitative data and an addendum for graduate students with a template for a thesis, dissertation, or grant application.

  • Build a strong foundation in qualitative research theory and application
  • Design and implement effective qualitative research studies
  • Communicate findings more successfully with clear presentation
  • Explore data sources, data analysis tools, and the different types of research

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Preface
    1. Overview of the Contents
    2. Acknowledgments
  6. The Authors
  7. Part One: The Design of Qualitative Research
    1. Chapter One: What Is Qualitative Research?
      1. The Nature of Qualitative Research
      2. Where Does Qualitative Research Come From?
      3. Philosophical Perspectives
      4. Definition and Characteristics of Qualitative Research
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter Two: Six Common Qualitative Research Designs
      1. Basic Qualitative Research
      2. Phenomenology
      3. Ethnography
      4. Grounded Theory
      5. Narrative Inquiry
      6. Qualitative Case Studies
      7. When the Types of Qualitative Research Overlap
      8. Summary
    3. Chapter Three: Expanding the Qualitative Paradigm
      1. Mixed Methods Research
      2. Action Research
      3. Critical Research
      4. Arts Based Research
      5. Summary
    4. Chapter Four: Designing Your Study and Selecting a Sample
      1. Selecting a Topic
      2. The Research Problem
      3. The Theoretical Framework
      4. Reviewing the Literature
      5. Sample Selection
      6. Summary
  8. Part Two: Collecting Qualitative Data
    1. Chapter Five: Conducting Effective Interviews
      1. Interview Data
      2. Types of Interviews
      3. Asking Good Questions
      4. Beginning the Interview
      5. Interviewer and Respondent Interaction
      6. Recording and Transcribing Interview Data
      7. Summary
    2. Chapter Six: Being a Careful Observer
      1. Observation in Research
      2. What to Observe
      3. Relationship Between Observer and Observed
      4. Recording Observations
      5. Online Observation
      6. Summary
    3. Chapter Seven: Mining Data from Documents and Artifacts
      1. Types of Documents and Artifacts
      2. Using Documents and Artifacts in Qualitative Research
      3. Limitations and Strengths of Documents and Artifacts
      4. Special Considerations in Dealing with Online Data Sources
      5. Summary
  9. Part Three: Analyzing and Reporting Qualitative Data
    1. Chapter Eight: Qualitative Data Analysis
      1. Beginning Analysis During Data Collection
      2. Managing Your Data
      3. How to Analyze Qualitative Data
      4. Computers and Qualitative Data Analysis
      5. Data Analysis and Types of Qualitative Research
      6. Summary
    2. Chapter Nine: Dealing with Validity, Reliability, and Ethics
      1. Validity and Reliability
      2. Internal Validity or Credibility
      3. Reliability or Consistency
      4. External Validity or Transferability
      5. How Ethical Considerations Relate to the Trustworthiness of Qualitative Research
      6. Summary
    3. Chapter Ten: Writing Up Qualitative Research
      1. Preparing to Write
      2. Contents of a Qualitative Study Report
      3. Summary
  10. Appendix: The Methodology Section of a Qualitative Research Study
    1. Methods
    2. Design of the Study (Chapters One and Two)
    3. Sample Selection (Chapter Four)
    4. Data Collection (Chapters Five, Six, and Seven)
    5. Data Analysis (Chapter Eight)
    6. Validity and Reliability (Chapter Nine)
    7. Researcher Bias and Assumptions (Chapter Nine)
  11. References
  12. Name Index
  13. Subject Index
  14. End User License Agreement