Long description

A data table is shown with the periods 1 through 12 listed, descending, in the first column. A tip box instructs you to enter data for Y and X 1 through X 4 as shown. A shaded table with columns labelled Y, X 1, X 2, X 3, and X 4 is shown with data entered into it. Additional tip boxes show you where to find regression coefficients and how to obtain any forecast by entering variable data.

The data tables input is partially obscured by tip boxes, but a sample is as follows:

  • Period 1

  • Y equals 108

  • X 1 equals 1

  • X 2 equals zero

  • X 3 equals zero

  • X 4 equals zero

  • Period 2

  • Y equals 125

  • X 1 equals 2

  • X 2 equals 1

  • X 3 equals zero

  • X 4 equals zero

Underneath the data table, the following row appears, from left to right, with numbers corresponding ...

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