Problem 1.1

A garment manufacturer has a production line making two styles of shirts. Style I requires 200 grams of cotton thread, 300 grams of dacron thread, and 300 grams of linen thread. Style II requires 200 grams of cotton thread, 200 grams of dacron thread and 100 grams of linen thread. The manufacturer makes a net profit of Rs. 19.50 on Style 1, Rs. 15.90 on Style II. He has in hand an inventory of 24 kg of cotton thread, 26 kg of dacron thread and 22 kg of linen thread. His immediate problem is to determine a production schedule, given the current inventory to make a maximum profit. Formulate the LPP model.


Let x1 = Number of Style I shirts,
x2 = Number of Style II shirts.
Since the objective is ...

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