10Quantum Cryptography for the Future Internet and the Security Analysis

P. William1*, A.B. Pawar2 and M.A. Jawale1

1Department of Information Technology, Sanjivani College of Engineering, SPPU, Pune, India

2Department of Computer Science Engineering, Sanjivani College of Engineering, SPPU, Pune, India


Almost every aspect of our life has benefited from the widespread use of cyberspace as the primary medium for the dissemination of information. Now more than ever, the rapid advancement of science and technology, in particular the quantum computer, is going to pose the greatest challenge to cyberspace security in the next years for the internet. Here, we analyze the characteristics of quantum cryptography and investigate its possible uses in the realm of online security. It is essential to keep in mind that the analysis of the quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol that we carry out is carried out in a channel that is devoid of noise. Additionally, in order to simulate potential future uses of the internet, we search for the QKD protocol in noisy channels. Results show that quantum cryptography is absolutely secure, which is fine for the internet despite the imminent arrival of new dangers.

Keywords: Cryptography, cyber security, threat, internet, quantum communication, cyberspace

10.1 Introduction

With the widespread use and quick growth of the internet, the information age has arrived. It is beneficial in almost every way that cyberspace has become the preeminent ...

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