Chapter 8

Creating Text Boxes


check Creating text boxes

check Working with the shape and appearance of a text box

check Linking and unlinking text boxes

check Importing and exporting text

check Working with word processing applications

QuarkXPress began its life almost 30 years ago with just three kinds of page items: text boxes, picture boxes, and rules (lines). Aside from some additional features to keep up with design trends and new media, it’s still all about text, pictures, and rules. If you master these items, you’ll have a lot more fun designing layouts.

Among the three, you’ll spend the vast majority of your time building text boxes and formatting text. This chapter takes you through building text boxes, linking text boxes, and importing text (and offers a little guidance with exporting text as well). When you’re ready to learn all about formatting text, turn to Chapters 9 and 10.

Understanding Why You Need Text Boxes

QuarkXPress is not a word processor. It has many of the features of a ...

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