Chapter 13

Adding Pictures


check Discovering how to import pictures

check Working with pictures

check Adding a drop shadow

check Keeping track of your pictures

check Controlling Photoshop layers, channels, and paths

check Exporting pictures

When building a layout, using pictures involves more than just dropping them onto a page. QuarkXPress gives you tools to style them in a million ways, including the industry’s most advanced drop shadows. When you import a picture, it becomes linked to your layout, so QuarkXPress gives you tools to find and manage those linked files — including exporting them in JPG or PNG format and controlling how (or if) they output. In this chapter, I show you how to use all these tools and more.

Importing a Picture

You can import any modern picture file into a QuarkXPress picture box, including native Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files, and picture files in the following ...

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