Chapter 15

Making a Colorful Page


check Creating and applying solid colors, tints, and color blends

check Adjusting opacity

check Adding colors from imported pictures

check Appending colors from other projects

check Managing and proofing colors

Using colors is similar to using fonts: You have to choose something for your project, and your choice affects how viewers perceive your message. (Even black and white are color choices, even if by default.) Wisely, Quark has focused on giving QuarkXPress the best color tools in the industry — from the world’s best transparency features to user-friendly soft proofing, you’ll enjoy exploring and using these color tools.

In this chapter, you learn the ways in which you can define color, how to create and apply colors in QuarkXPress, how to pick up a color from an imported picture or other page item, how to manage colors, and how to import colors used in other projects. You also learn more advanced color techniques, such as creating color blends, adjusting ...

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