Why did we write Questions That Get Results? Simply, because we see thousands of dedicated, hard-working businesspeople each year who are eager to be successful, but sometimes lack certain skills to enhance their job performance. We are fortunate that companies ask us to come and coach their managers in areas such as delegation, motivation, team building, and developing client relationships, as this gives us a unique opportunity to meet wonderful professionals every year and to make a real difference in their careers. The problem is, usually we do not get to spend as much time as we would like with individual managers. We have so many tools we would like to share with them, but too often we are given a strictly limited amount of time to do that. To address that dilemma, we decided to compile in a book the problems and issues that most managers commonly face, along with the answers to those problems, so that this valuable information would be easily accessible to everyone.

What is our message? Good management can make or break a company. We have personally witnessed unbelievable turnarounds by managers who used their considerable skills to alter company culture, drastically improve employee motivation, effectively restructure departments, and/or create the opportunity to forge lasting client relationships. Conversely, we have seen solid companies brought to their knees by managers who acted like tyrants, neglected their responsibilities, resisted change, and, predictably, ...

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