APPENDIX ADerivations

This appendix presents derivations of certain formulas and theorems not derived earlier.

A.1 Trigonometric Functions of Sums of Angles

Formulas for the sine of the sum of two angles, theta and phi, can easily be derived with the aid of this drawing in which the radius of the circle is unity.

Geometric illustration of two angles.
StartLayout 1st Row 1st Column sine left-parenthesis theta plus phi right-parenthesis 2nd Column equals italic upper A upper D equals italic upper F upper E plus italic upper A upper G 2nd Row 1st Column Blank 2nd Column equals italic OF sine theta plus italic upper A upper F cosine theta 3rd Row 1st Column Blank 2nd Column equals sine theta cosine phi plus cosine theta sine phi period EndLayout

In a similar fashion with the same ...

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