QuickBooks 2007 on Demand

Book description

QuickBooks 2007 on Demand is the ultimate reference for people who really want to learn how to use the most popular accounting program. Using a friendly seeit/do-it technique, QuickBooks 2007 on Demand gives you illustrated, full color, step-by-step explanations that put you in charge of your finances. Whether you keep this book right next to your computer for quick reference or use it to train others, you’ll find this is an indispensable resource.


  • Produce and customize reports that show exactly how your company is doing

  • Schedule transactions so you’ll never forget a due date again

  • Bill time and expenses directly to customers

  • Use the new QuickBooks features for 2007, including a redesigned Payroll Center and the new Accountant’s Copy that lets you keep working while your accountant reviews your books

  • Create and use a budget

  • Reconcile your bank account to the penny without waiting for the bank statement to come in the mail

  • Keep detailed records of fixed asset acquisitions

  • Protect your financial information with the latest in security techniques

  • Send customized mailings to your customers and vendors

  • 1. Setting Up Your Company Accounts with the EasyStep Interview

    2. Setting Up and Using Payroll Features  

    3. Adding or Changing Information After the Interview Is Completed  

    4. Invoicing and Collecting Income  

    5. Making Purchases and Recording Payments  

    6. Collecting and Paying Sales Tax  

    7. Using Timesaving Features  

    8. Job Cost Estimating and Tracking  

    9. Tracking Time   New!

    10. QuickBooks Tips and Tricks  

    11. Using the QuickBooks Online Features  

    12. Preparing Income Tax Returns  

    13. Security  

    14. Using Inventory Features  

    15. Recording Your Assets  

    16. Recording Owners’ Equity  

    17. Recording Liabilities  

    18. Preparing the Top Ten QuickBooks Reports  

    New! Features  


    Product information

    • Title: QuickBooks 2007 on Demand
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2006
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780789736321