QuickBooks 2008 Solutions Guide for Business Owners and Accountants

Book description

QuickBooks 2008 Solutions Guide for Business Owners and Accountants contains a wealth of information useful to both the business owner and the accountant who services such businesses. To make finding the right information easier,  the book is organized into chapters specific to each accounting module in QuickBooks.

The author has worked many years with businesses that use QuickBooks to manage their financials and knows that every company has its own unique needs, yet all share one common goal—to more accurately track how the business is performing financially.

The goal of this book is to provide easy-to-read and easy-to-follow QuickBooks “consulting” advice that business owners, bookkeepers, or accountants can use. After reading the chapters in this book, business owners and accountants will be able to efficiently troubleshoot a QuickBooks data file and make needed corrections, so they can accurately report how the business is performing financially.

This book helps you

o        Get started with a QuickBooks data file and learn how to modify the file you already have

o        Analyze your data and troubleshoot reports

o        Review and correct any data errors in your balance sheet accounts such as Banking, A/R, Undeposited Funds, Employee Advances, Inventory, A/P, Sales Tax, and Open Bal Equity Account

o        Use the tools in QuickBooks to properly review your payroll data and avoid costly mistakes

o        Efficiently share your business data with your accountant

o        Make the most of the QuickBooks reporting tools

Laura Madeira graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a major in accounting and is a certified trainer for Intuit’s Certified Trainer Network. As a member of this select group, she provides training to accountants and consultants each fall when the new version of QuickBooks is released.

She also is a guest instructor for Intuit at many trade shows throughout the year, and she writes published QuickBooks technical documentation and presentations for Intuit.

Laura owns a software and accounting firm that has for more than 20 years helped a large variety of businesses manage their financials using Intuit’s QuickBooks software (Intuit’s Quicken in those early years). In fact, she has been training users on QuickBooks since the very first version was released many years ago.

Category     Business | Finance

Covers         QuickBooks 2008

User Level    Intermediate—Advanced

Front cover quote:

“Laura Madeira has created an extremly valuable QuickBooks resource that belongs on every business and accountant’s bookshelf”

—Rich Walker, CPA, Intuit Accountant Relations

Product information

  • Title: QuickBooks 2008 Solutions Guide for Business Owners and Accountants
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2007
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: None