152 QuickBooks 2008: The Missing Manual
Sending Company
Files to Others
do. You’ll have to type Yes once more to confirm that you want to delete the
file. It’s better to take these precautions than to overwrite the wrong file and
have to dig out yet another backup.
When you see the message that says your data has been restored successfully,
click OK to open the company file and re-enter any transactions that the
backup doesn’t contain.
Note: If restoring a backup copy from removable media (CD, DVD, Zip disk, or floppy) doesn’t work, try
copying the contents of the backup media to your hard drive and restoring the backup file from there. If
the restore still doesn’t work, your backup file is probably damaged. Try restoring the next most recent
If none of your backups work, Intuit offers data recovery services to extract data from your backup files.
The service isn’t free, but it might be cheaper than rebuilding your entire company file. To arrange for this
service, go to www.quickbooks.com/support. Under the “Tools & Other Resources” heading, click “Dam-
aged QuickBooks files?”. You should also spend some time sorting out the problem so you can fix your
backup procedure.
Sending Company Files to Others
In the past, QuickBooks company files were unwieldy to transport. To give a copy
to your accountant, you needed a lightning-fast Internet connection, a CD or
DVD, or a forklift. But QuickBooks now has portable company files, a slim file for-
mat that flies through the email ether and slips effortlessly into removable media
Figure 6-8:
To restore the file without
overwriting the existing
company file, choose
another folder. In the
“File name” box, consider
adding unique text like
Try 2 or Restore Sept 20
to the end of the name.

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