Appendix C. Keyboard Shortcuts

You can start almost every task you perform in QuickBooks by clicking something—a menu command, a button in a toolbar or icon bar, or a link in one of the Centers or the Company Snapshot. But the seconds you spend mousing and clicking add up over time, especially when you have to move overlapping windows out of the way to find the place to click.

If you use QuickBooks every day, it pays to learn the keyboard shortcuts that take you where you want to go in a fraction of a second, regardless of which windows are open. Here are some of QuickBooks’ keyboard shortcuts.


Each section in this appendix starts with the shortcuts you’re most likely to commit to memory.

Task Shortcuts

These shortcuts open the windows and dialog boxes for the bookkeeping tasks you perform the most.


Keyboard Shortcut

Open the QuickBooks Help window to the topic for the current window or dialog box.


Open the Chart of Accounts window.


Open the Customer Center window to the Customers & Jobs tab.


When a list window is active, open the dialog box for creating a new element in that list.


When a list window is active, open the dialog box for editing the selected element in that list.


Open the Memorized Transaction List.


Open the Create Invoices window to a new invoice.


Open the Write Checks window to a new check.


Print the current transaction or report.


When an account is selected in the Chart of Accounts ...

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