Chapter 4. Creating Invoices and Credit Memos

In This Chapter

  • Preparing invoices

  • Fixing invoice mistakes

  • Preparing credit memos

  • Fixing credit memo mistakes

  • Printing invoices and credit memos one at a time

  • Printing invoices in a batch

  • Printing credit memos in a batch

In this chapter (you might be surprised to discover), I describe how to create and print invoices in QuickBooks as well as how to create and print credit memos.

You use the QuickBooks invoice form to bill customers for the goods that you sell. You use its credit memos form to handle returns and canceled orders for which you've received payments.

Making Sure That You're Ready to Invoice Customers

I know that you're probably all set to go. But first, you need to check a few things, okay? Good.

You already should have installed QuickBooks, of course. (I briefly describe how in Appendix A.) You should have set up a company and a Chart of Accounts in the EasyStep Interview, as I describe in Chapter 2. You also should have entered all your lists and your starting trial balance or talked your accountant into entering it for you, as I describe in Chapter 3.

As long as you've done all this prerequisite stuff, you're ready to start. If you don't have one of the prerequisites done, you need to complete it before going any further.

Sorry. I don't make the rules. I just tell you what they are.

Preparing an Invoice

After you complete all the preliminary work, preparing an invoice with QuickBooks is a snap. If clicking buttons and filling in text ...

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