Restoring Backups

Having backup files can reduce your adrenaline level in a number of situations:

  • You merge two customers by mistake or commit some other major faux pas that you want to undo.

  • Your company file won’t open, which can happen if it’s been damaged by a power outage or power surge.

  • Your hard disk crashes and takes all your data with it.

  • You recently assigned a password to your administrator login and can’t remember what it is.


Hard disk crashes used to be dramatic events accompanied by impressive grinding noises. With today’s smaller, faster hard disks, crashes can be deceptively quiet. If you hear any odd sounds emanating from your computer—little chirps or squeaks, for instance—stop what you’re doing immediately. Take it to a computer repair shop to see if they can fix it or recover your data. If you shut down your computer and it won’t reboot because of a disk crash, a data-recovery company can sometimes salvage some of your data, but the price is usually in the thousands of dollars. If smoke wafts from your computer, don’t bother with shutting down—just pull the plug and get that puppy to a repair shop.


QuickBooks 2011 can restore backup files to a format you can use in earlier versions of the program—if, for example, you decide to switch back to QuickBooks 2009 or an earlier version. The box below tells you why and how to use the Restore Backup File For Earlier QuickBooks Version command.

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