Chapter 1

QuickBooks: The Heart of Your Business

In This Chapter

arrow Why you need a tool like QuickBooks

arrow What QuickBooks actually does

arrow Why QuickBooks is a good choice

arrow What you need to do (in general) to get started

arrow How to succeed in setting up and using QuickBooks

We’ll start this conversation by quickly covering some basic questions concerning QuickBooks, such as “Why even use QuickBooks?”, “Where and how do I start?” and, most importantly, “What should I not do?”

This little orientation shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Really. And the orientation lets you understand the really big picture concerning QuickBooks.

Why QuickBooks?

Okay, we know you know that you need an accounting system. Somebody, maybe your accountant, friend, or spouse, has convinced you of this. And you, the team player that you are, have just accepted this conventional viewpoint as the truth.

But just between us, why do you really need QuickBooks? What does QuickBooks do that you really, truly need done? And ...

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