Writing Checks

Chapter 6 shows you the two ways to write checks: from the Write Checks window and from the register. In case you were asleep in the back row of the class, here’s the short version of the instructions for writing checks.

tip.eps You can record debit card and ATM transactions the same way that you record checks that you write.

Writing checks from the Write Checks window

You can record handwritten checks and other checks that you want to print with QuickBooks by describing the checks in the Write Checks window.

To write a check from the Write Checks window, follow these steps:

1. Choose BankingWrite Checks.

You can also click the Write Checks icon located in the Banking section of the Home screen. QuickBooks displays the Write Checks window, as shown in Figure 8-1.

2. Click the Bank Account drop-down list at the top of the window and choose the account from which you want to write this check.

remember.eps This step is really important and is something that you should always remember to do before you write a check if you have multiple bank accounts.

3. Enter a check number or mark the check for printing.

Select the Print Later check box if you plan on printing the check with QuickBooks, using your printer and preprinted check forms that you’ve purchased. (I describe this process in ...

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