Printing a Check

For some reason, when I get to this part of the discussion, my pulse quickens. Actually writing a check for real money seems terribly serious. I get the same feeling whenever I mail someone cash, even if the amount is nominal.

I think that the best way to lower my heart rate (and yours, if you’re like me) is to just print the darn check and be done with it. QuickBooks can print checks in two ways: as you write them or in bunches.

First things first, however. Before you can print checks, you have to load some blank checks into your printer. This process works the same way as loading any paper into your printer. If you have questions, refer to your printer’s documentation. (Sorry I can’t help more on this process, but a million different printers exist, and I can’t tell which one you have, even when I look into my crystal ball.)

A few words about printing checks

Check printing is kind of complicated, isn’t it? For the record, I’m with you on this one. I really wish it weren’t so much work, but you’ll find that printing checks gets easier after the first few times.

Pretty soon, you’ll be running rather than walking through the steps. Pretty soon, you’ll just skate around such roadblocks as check-form alignment. Pretty soon, in fact, you’ll know all this stuff and never have to read pretty soon again.

Printing a check as you write it

If you’re in the Write Checks window and you just finished filling out a check, you can print it. The only drawback is that you have ...

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