Adding Employees to Your Employee List

If you do payroll in QuickBooks, or if you track sales by employees, you need to describe each employee. Describing employees is pretty darn easy. Choose the Employees⇒Employee Center command to display the Employee Center window. Then click the New Employee button that appears just above the list in the upper-left corner of the screen to have QuickBooks display the New Employee window, as shown in Figure 3-7.

The New Employee window is pretty straightforward, right? You just fill in the fields to describe the employee.

Lesser computer-book writers would probably provide step-by-step descriptions of how you move the cursor to the First Name text box and type the person’s first name, how you move the cursor to the next text box, type something there, and so on. Not me. No way. I know that you can tell just by looking at this window that all you do is click a text box and type the obvious bit of information. Right?

tip.eps I do need to tell you a couple of important things about the New Employee window:

check.png When you release an employee, it’s important to enter the release date for the employee on the Employment Info tab after you write that final paycheck. (To change to a new tab, click the tab’s name. For example, click Employment Info to display the Employment ...

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