Recording Customer Payments

If your customers don’t always pay you upfront for their purchases, you need to record another type of payment: the payments that customers make to pay off or pay down what you’ve invoiced them. To record the payments, of course, you first need to record invoices for the customer. If you issue credit memos that customers can use to reduce the amounts they owe, you also first need to record credit memos for each customer. (Check out Chapter 4 to find out how to create and record these items.) The rest is easy.

tip.eps To access a wealth of customer information all on one page, click the Customers icon on the icon bar or choose Customers⇒Customer Center. The Customer Center appears, listing outstanding balances for all customers and detailed information for the customer selected in the Customers & Jobs list.

To display the Receive Payments window, click the Receive Payments icon on the Home screen or click the Customer Center icon and select the customer you need. Click New Transactions and Receive Payments or choose Customers⇒Receive Payments from the top menus. Then describe the customer payment and the invoices paid. If you want the gory details, read through the following steps:

1. Choose CustomersReceive Payments.

The Receive Payments window appears, as shown in Figure 5-4.

2. Identify the customer and, if necessary, the job.

Activate the Received From ...

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