Chapter 6

Paying the Bills

In This Chapter

arrow Using the Write Checks window to pay bills

arrow Using the accounts payable method to pay bills

arrow Deleting and editing bill payments

arrow Reminding yourself to pay bills

arrow Tracking vehicle mileage

arrow Paying sales tax

QuickBooks gives you two ways to pay and record your bills. And you have many options when it comes to deciding when to pay your bills, how to pay your bills, and how to record your bills for the purposes of tracking inventory and expenses.

In this chapter, I explain not only how to pay vendor bills, but also how to pay that all-important bill that so many businesses owe to their state and local governments. I’m talking, of course, about sales tax.

Pay Now or Pay Later?

When it comes to paying bills, you have a fundamental choice to make. You can either record and pay your bills simultaneously, or record your bills as they come in but then pay ...

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