Chapter 17

File Management Tips

In This Chapter

arrow Backing up QuickBooks data

arrow Deciding when and how often to back up your data

arrow Restoring your QuickBooks data (if you lose it)

arrow Using Accountant’s Copy

arrow Creating and using portable files

arrow Using the Audit Trail

arrow Setting a closing date and password

Okay, you don’t need to worry about the data files that QuickBooks stores your financial information in. Pretty much, QuickBooks does all the dirty work. But that said, you do have a few housekeeping tasks to take care of. In this chapter, I describe these chores and how to do them correctly with minimal hassle.

Backing Up Is (Not That) Hard to Do

Sure, I can give you some tricky, technical examples of fancy backup strategies, but they have no point here. You want to know the basics, right?

The guiding ...

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