Chapter 5

Paying Employees

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up payroll service

arrow Setting up payroll runs

arrow Getting your employees paid

arrow Revising checks

arrow Handling payroll liabilities

QuickBooks provides two do-it-yourself options for paying employees: Basic Payroll (which usually means that your accountant helps you with the payroll tax forms) and Enhanced Payroll (which means that QuickBooks helps you with the payroll tax forms). This chapter describes the Basic Payroll option. With the Basic Payroll option, you do most of the work yourself, but you don’t pay very much for your payroll processing.

tip.eps Would you be terribly offended if I offered you a bit of friendly advice about a third option for doing payroll? If you’re not an accountant, consider splurging a bit and going with one of the full-service payroll providers, such as ADP or Paychex. Having ADP or Paychex do your payroll greatly simplifies ...

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