Few people read introductions to reference books, so I’ll make this very brief. I just want to tell you which versions of QuickBooks this book works for, what’s in the reference, what it assumes about your existing skills, and what conventions I use.

About This Book

The desktop version of QuickBooks comes in several flavors, including QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. This reference talks about QuickBooks 2016 Enterprise Solutions, which is a superset of QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro. If you’re using QuickBooks Self-Employer or QuickBooks Online, you shouldn’t use this book. Sorry.

On the other hand, even though this book is written for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, if you’re using QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Pro, don’t worry. You’re just fine with this book. And don’t freak out if you’re using some version of QuickBooks that’s very similar to QuickBooks 2016, such as QuickBooks 2015 or QuickBooks 2017. Although this reference is about QuickBooks 2016, it also works just fine for the 2014, 2015, and probably 2017 versions of QuickBooks because QuickBooks is a very mature product at this point. The changes from one year to the next are modest. This means that if you’re using QuickBooks 2015, stuff may look a little different if you closely compare the images in this book with what you see on your screen, but the information in this reference will still apply to your situation.

Note, ...

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