Chapter 5

Setting Up Project and Job Costing Systems


check Setting up jobs and projects

check Accounting for job and project costs

check Finding alternative ways to do job costing

check Using estimates

check Figuring out progress billing

Many businesses work on projects or jobs. One way to look at a home builder’s business, for example, is as a series of home construction projects. A manufacturer, such as a commercial printer, may print books, brochures, or posters for its customers. Each of those items represents jobs that are performed for specific customers.

Accounting may work a bit differently when a firm organizes its work into projects or jobs. In some situations, a firm needs to track revenue and expenses — not just by a standard chart of accounts, but also by jobs or projects. Fortunately, QuickBooks makes job costing, or project costing, pretty darn easy. In this chapter, I talk about the tools that QuickBooks provides.

Setting Up a QuickBooks Job

To set up a QuickBooks job, choose ...

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