Appendix A

Installing QuickBooks in Ten Easy Steps

If you haven’t already installed QuickBooks, get it over with right now:

  1. Turn on the PC.

    Find and flip on the computer’s power switch. Depending on which version of Windows you’re using (Windows 7, 8, or 10), your screen may look a little different from the figures here. I’m using Windows 10, by the way. (Not that you care or that it matters.)

    Tip If you’re installing QuickBooks on a computer running a professional or business edition of Windows, you may need to log on as either the administrator or a user with administrator rights. In the business flavors of the Windows operating systems, Windows security features require an administrator to install the QuickBooks program.

  2. Download the QuickBooks software and then click Next.

    You probably purchased QuickBooks directly from the Intuit website at If so, after you download the software, Windows prompts you to run the InstallShield Wizard (another program), which starts the QuickBooks installation program. Eventually, Windows displays a little message box that tells you Welcome to QuickBooks Desktop.

    Tip Alternatively, you may have purchased the QuickBooks program someplace like an office-supplies store. In that case, you need to rip open the QuickBooks ...

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