Chapter 13

Exploring a Client’s Company from QBOA

In This Chapter

arrow Opening a client QBO company from QBOA

arrow Reviewing client QBO company settings

Aclient’s QBO company looks a little different when viewed using QBOA. This chapter explores the interface you see when you open a client QBO company from QBOA. It also covers some facets of a client QBO company you might want to review for your client to make sure things flow smoothly for both of you.

Opening a Client’s Company

You can open a client’s company in QBOA from the Client List page; on the client’s line in the list, click the QuickBooks logo (the circle with the letters q and b in it). Alternatively, you can use the Go to Client’s QuickBooks list on the QBOA toolbar, which remains visible at all times, making it easy for you to switch from one client QBO company to another. Simply open the list and select the name of the company you want to open (see Figure 13-1).


Figure 13-1: You can click the QuickBooks logo or use the list on the QBOA toolbar to open a client’s QBO company.

You don’t need to take any special action to close a client QBO company; you can simply open another client QBO company, or you can sign out of QBOA ...

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