Chapter 23

Ten Cool Chrome Shortcuts


Bullet Minimizing keystrokes and scrolling

Bullet Accessing downloads and previous pages

Bullet Managing browser tabs

Keyboard shortcuts can help you fight back against the repetitive and transactional nature of accounting work. In this chapter, I get you started with ten Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts. Chances are pretty good that these shortcuts work in other browsers as well.

Tip If you’re looking for QuickBooks Online keyboard shortcuts, I have you covered at Search for QuickBooks Online For Dummies to find this book’s Cheat Sheet.

Tip Throughout this chapter, I mention supplemental shortcuts that complement the ten primary shortcuts I’ve chosen. You can access a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Chrome at

Speeding Up Surfing

Working on the Internet, and QuickBooks Online specifically, can result in a number of repetitive tasks. Even small tweaks in your browsing habits can have ...

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